‘Murder Mystery Players’ is the name of the organisation operated by Chris McDermott as a sole trader.

‘The client/s refers to those individuals and organisations that have contacted Chris McDermott/Murder Mystery Players regarding the purchase of a Murder Mystery play script package.

The following document states how Murder Mystery Players complies with General Data Regulation (GDPR) rules. If someone has given Chris McDermott/Murder Mystery Players their email address, they should read this to reassure themselves that Murder Mystery Players is looking after their data responsibly.

If anyone reading this understands the compliance issue well and believes that there is something else that Murder Mystery Players should be doing, please contact the organisation. At Murder Mystery Players we set an extremely high value on the security of clients’ information and would never intentionally breach the GDPR regulations.

1. Awareness

Chris McDermott operates as a sole trader under the organisation’s name Murder Mystery Players, so there is no one else to be made aware of this policy.

2. The information that Murder Mystery Players holds

The email addresses of people who are contacted Murder Mystery Players are kept secure through an email account that is password protected. Data given voluntarily, such as names and postal addresses for the posting of scripts, or email addresses, are recorded on Chris McDermott’s computer, which is password protected. All of this information is not shared with anyone else.

3. Communicating Privacy Information

This document has been placed on the Murder Mystery Players website.

There is a link on Murder Mystery Players’ ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.

4. Individuals’ Rights

On request, Chris McDermott of Murder Mystery Players will delete data.

5. Subject Access Requests

Murder Mystery Players aims to respond to all requests as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours.

6. Lawful Basis for Processing Data

If people have emailed Murder Mystery Players they will have provided the organisation with their email address. This email address will not be added to any database unless this has been requested or the client gives Murder Mystery Players explicit and detailed permission to do so.

If a website visitor has bought some scripts from Murder Mystery Players, their postal and email addresses will be saved on Murder Mystery Players’ password protected computer. This data will not be used for anything other than for the purpose of contacting the client about the order. 

7. Data Breaches

Chris McDermott and Murder Mystery Players have done everything to prevent data breaches by password-protecting the organisation’s computer and email accounts. If any clients have been compromised due to contact with Murder Mystery Players, Chris McDermott will take steps to rectify the situation. 

8. Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments

Chris McDermott has familiarised himself with the ICO’s ‘Conducting privacy impact assessments code of practice’ and believes that Murder Mystery Players is using best practice.

9. Data Protection Officer

Chris McDermott is the Data Protection Officer for Murder Mystery Players, in the absence of anyone else.

10. International

The lead data protection supervisory authority is the UK’s ICO.